You can thank me later for finding all of the things you never knew you needed! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE SHOPPING, but I also LOVE DEALS.  If you tell me you like something, I will tell you where, when and how much I got it for.  If I don't have it already, I WILL FIND YOUUUUU! I have no shame in my deal hunting game. I think everyone should get the same thrill seeing the UPS and FedEx trucks or the Mailman (Hi, Chris!) approaching the house! 
During 2020, I nurtured my love for online shopping and found so many useful products.  Every time I leave the house I'm asked, "Where did you find that?" or "I love that top, where did you get it?". Nine out of ten times my answer was Amazon! This list is updated frequently as I order and actually use the products to make sure they are quality enough for sharing.  
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