I began my career in promotions working as a salesperson for a small company in Rhode Island. Through my relationships with my clients ordering promotional materials, I was introduced to the world of social media and event management along with ad design, communications and public relations. Knowing that I wanted to branch out from the world of "which pen is the best on the market", I cultivated the relationships I made with companies I was working with, and became a consultant to them, learning the ins and outs of the public relations world. I took that knowledge and applied it to my own company, AG Consulting, where I now have clients that not only order promotional materials and apparel, but trust me in representing their brand through social media and event management.

Why Thread81 You Ask?...

Throughout my over 13 year ownership of AG Consulting, I was always looking for how I could take my love for marketing, design and print-making and pair it with my social media and event management experience. That is when Thread81 was born! With my knowledge of the printing world along with my intimate involvement with various businesses, I was able to pair AG Consulting with Thread81 to offer original designs making my passion really come to life!

Thread81 and AG Consulting are truly a "one stop shop" for all of your marketing needs! All you have to do is reach out and I will take care of the rest!