Hi Friends! Throughout my 15+ years in marketing, I've worked with many companies, charity/fundraising organizations, and restaurants to promote their messages and events. Whether the client has a specific item in mind or given me the liberty to select and purchase within their budget, I've always loved the process of sourcing items that represent my clients message. Choosing the right promotional items and apparel can really change a companies impact on their communities and result in growth. I take a lot of pride in selecting the "right" item...ones that I would actually use as well. 
Every day I am asked about new items, tech items, the softest t-shirt, the best pen on the market and more.  I'm always looking (that sounds creepy!)! Never turning down a chance to shop, I've scoured the internet for the latest and greatest, and the items that I would want for myself (selfish sally over here!).  Let's be honest, when you ask me to look for you, I basically start looking for me.  
This (marginal) obsession morphed into retail and sharing whatever I bought, where I bought it and how much I bought it for. After a few referrals to my best friends, they encouraged me to join an Amazon Influencer Affiliate Program to share my favorite finds with others.  
After a few successful months with this program, I reached out to a few of my favorite brands to share even more of my coveted items. Stay tuned for more brand announcements! Starting with one in this post, so I don't overwhelm you! I could literally type for days about these brands. 
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Let's face it, there are a billion trillion skin care brands out there.  There seems to be a new line announced daily from your favorite celebrities, singers and even reality stars. Where do you even start?  My 40+ year old self (shocking, I know) wanted something not necessarily associated with the celebrity aspect and something that was filled with clean, non-toxic ingredients.  That is where the internet search goddesses let the light shine down on First Aid Beauty

Full disclosure, I am a product junkie.  I love experimenting (said my skin never). Have I used (and maybe still use) products not advertising to be clean...yes.  Do I own Selena Gomez makeup...yes.  Rhianna...yes.  Heck, I've used Snooki tanning lotion. But as my skin has matured, I knew I needed something more intensive for dry skin, fine lines and all of those other fabulous things that come with turning 40. I became skeptical of the celebrity brands thinking... how much time are they really spending on education, formulating and all the components it takes to produce a safe and effective line?  Enter: First Aid Beauty

If you live in a colder winter climate, dry skin is the enemy.  This line provides exactly what it's name says...FIRST AID.  When thinking about skincare, especially clean skincare, you probably think..it's expensive to be me, but every product in this line is virtually under $50 and all super effective. 

My first go-to product (and my favorite) is the Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration. I use this e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. Face, body, you name it.  At the start of the winter I had some pretty intense bumps/dry skin at the corners of my nose. This cream not only soothed the itching, but cured my dry skin. I use this morning and night, the step before my 5-in-1 SPF 30 Sunscreen in the morning and my last step at night before bed. This lotion is so versatile and gentle that on especially dry days and when traveling, I will mix with my foundation for an extra hydration boost. 

I guess I'll stop playing favorites in this line and just go through my routine. Starting with shower essentials, check out the First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub 10% AHA. This body scrub literally sweeps away those annoying bumps on the back of your arms and rids your skin of anything itchy or dry. I don't use this every day, but it is a top favorite leaving behind smooth, hydrated skin. Next up is the Face Cleanser. I am partial to this pump version, but it does come in a variety of tube sizes here. I'm all over the place with cleansers, however this ones really feels like it cleanses the skins, removes makeup and doesn't make my face feel dry or like it's going to crack in half..plus 10 points.  

Now that we've exited the shower, here is my lineup for my favorite First Aid Beauty skincare. The reviews for these items speak for themselves and motivated me to give them a try.  Give these Facial Radiance Pads a try to start your routine. You can use these up to 2x per day, but if you have sensitive skin like me, test your skin first and only use a few times per week to build up your tolerance. Next, I love FAB Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and the Ultra Repair Oat and Hemp Seed Dry Oil. For someone with sensitive skin you would think I would steer clear of facial oils.  This one is just the opposite.  This lightweight and soothing oil is the perfect addition to my routine. It absorbs so nicely and I don't feel like I just walked out of a sauna after 20 minutes. Here's a little fun tip...use this oil on your hair ends and cuticles for an extra boost of hydration.  

All in all this line is an A+ for me.  Yes, I use others in my rotation, but First Aid Beauty has been the best for me in terms of helping my dry, tired, winter skin.  Give it a try...you won't be disappointed!





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