I've always loved being in the kitchen. Hosting, cooking, baking you name it. Table scapes are my wheelhouse...my holiday table is generally setup right after Halloween. My mom taught me that there is a cocktail napkin for every occasion and we literally have a drawer in our dining room dedicated to that obsession. 
I'm an avid follower of food accounts and love trying out new recipes.  
Here are my top favorites these days! 
Giada's Chicken Piccata Meatballs
Photo: giadzy.com
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This is not exactly what I would call a weeknight meal but at only 70 calories, it's made it's way into our weekly rotation.  I save any left over sauce and freeze it in a ziploc so I can use on air fryer chicken and more during the week (Here is my Air Fryer)
Skinnytaste Air Fryer Chicken Milanese
Photo: skinnytaste.com
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Speaking of air fryer chicken...this is my absolute go-to.  We (mostly me) laugh that we have a beautiful Viking stove and I basically ruin anything that goes near it (minus scrambled eggs and boiling water). After years (literally) of wasting money on ingredients I bought this beauty and have not looked back. 
Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs - NO WATER!
Photo: skinnytaste.com
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YOU. GUYS.....ONE Ingredient. 15-17 minutes. Set your air fryer to 250°, no need to preheat, drop (carefully) 4 eggs into the basket and THAT'S IT! You'll have to play around with your timing depending on how firm you are looking for your yolk to be.  When you've reached your desired time, just run under cold water and peel.  Top with salt & pepper or EBTB seasoning. A crowd favorite seems to be from Trader Joe's found HERE.
Photo: Trader Joe's
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